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in the fashion industry


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Remi Daudet (Chemitex SA) :

We are a fabric supplier and this will be a great tool to keep alive the connection of our stock available worldwide with our buyer

Lucie Abt (Country Manager Tally Weijl) :

We are a fast fashion brand, in perpetual research on the latest trend and how to react quickly to our needs, an access to ready fabrics could be terrific.

Karine Fettu (Casino Group) :

Reducing waste is or will be the biggest challenge in our industry. Well organized this platform will be a great tool for the designer to use what is available instead of making new fabric or accessories all the time.

Anne Laure Pedegert (Fashion Theory) :

I’m spending hours looking for available fabrics at the local market. This platform will save my time and avoid me missing good opportunities

Isabelle Meunier (L’Usine Fashion) :

As a Sweater factory, we already contact (by phone) our sisters concern to find our needs, this platform will save times and enlarge possibilities