Who bring expertise

Anne Laure Pedegert

Co-Founder UPCYBOM. Trained as a designer, Anne-Laure already covered most of the positions in the textile industry. She has worked for major European groups as well as for small-scale brands. She is in Bangladesh for 12 years, and now manages Fashion Theory, her own trading company focusing on designer brands. To satisfy clients' needs in terms of quantities, the team often purchases leftovers fabrics instead of always using fresh fabrics. Travelling impossible, factories not accessible, the pandemic pushed the idea of an upcycling platform that would allow her team to keep going with the work. After 25 years of conventional work in the fashion industry, Anne-Laure is now giving priority to sustainable and responsible projects.

Ghislain Henno

Co-Founder UPCYBOM. Strong of 15 years' experience in the textile industry, Ghislain is currently Category Director and Office Manager of GEMO buying office in Dhaka (part of Eram group). He started his career in Hong-Kong in 2007 where he oversaw the production for different brands in Europe via a trading company. Ghislain moved to Bangladesh in 2015 to become the Country Manager of a French renowned lingerie company, before moving to Tally Weijl, a fast fashion company for young women, as Head of Global Sourcing. With 40 million pieces produced yearly, Ghislain was travelling very frequently to more than 9 countries. Throughout these years working in the producing countries, it cannot go unnoticed that the textile industry generates enormous waste, including unused stocks, leftovers... discarded despite high potential to be used.

Investor / Partner

Who brings technology

Cedric Dijon

French IT Entrepreneur, Cédric started his journey as Web developer before going into Digital Marketing. Based in the middle of the Indian Silicon Valley in Bangalore for the past 10 years, he founded Skills Agency an IT Outsourcing company specialized in building online platform for the most popular digital agencies and brands in the world. Aware of the impact of waste produced by the textile industry, he immediately detected the positive impact of UPCYBOM and became an active partner, providing IT resources and digital marketing expertise.