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Reduce Waste

We believe by acting all together, using what is available to us instead of producing new (UPCYCLING) is one of the pillar towards a more responsible textile industry.

Reduce Lead Time and Quantity

With UPCYBOM you can already find what is available to you and create your capsule collection from there. Using what is available to you allow your company to produce smallest quantity and quicker, therefor response to your demand and reduce waste both side.

My Favorites
My Favorites

Navigate through the products and select the one you love. Come back later and find them in MY FAVORITES tabs, and start create your upcycle collection.

My Network

My network allows you to create your community. As a brand, you can invite all your suppliers to be part of your network and then see more easily the stocks available to you in your supplier portfolio. As well, my network will allow you to manage privately the leftovers you may have with your supplier in the private area.

Reverse Search
Reverse Search

Simply add an image of what you are looking for and our algorithms will find all products similar to your image.

My Requests

If you cannot find what you are looking for, simply create a request. Our platform will send the request on your behalf to your network selected. As well it will stay in memory, and as soon someone post a product similar to your request you will receive a notification.

My Favorites
QR Code & Care Label

if the product is on UPCYBOM platform, producing a finish good using this item, you can generate a QR code or a Care label. This care label with QR code will give you the transparency of your upcycle product.